Dust Falls

The following account is written by Torben Kastbjerg – scenario and miniatures also by Torben. Terrain by Thorbjørn; Michael and TorbenPosted Image

The picture really sums it all up! I didn’t bring my own camera, but two others did, of which only one has uploaded anything for now – so more pictures are bound to follow.

This was a playtest of my homebrew ruleset named Wasteland Chronicles and the first outing pitted a bunch of Savages led by a big, red and utterly crazed cyborg called V3N-G3R up against the Dust Falls Militia in the small town of – well – Dust Falls. Terrain was made by Thorbjørn mainly (with a few bits and pieces of my own) but all figures were mine and from a multitude of manufacturers.

Posted Image
The savages deploy along the dusty road to Dust Fall and rev up their engine!

Posted Image
The small village of Dust Falls (note missing roof was not missing throughout battle but removed because the local “fun” pair was inside having a good time when the old air-raid siren yelled for them to take up arms!)

Posted Image
A mob of savages on the prowl. From left to right we have Slice and Dice, BSOD and Storn the Super Mutant Mercenary.

Posted Image
In the midst of the battle; Big Sven and Dora Fuzebox took to the roof of the Mayors bunker to get a better overview on the battles progress.

Posted Image
Moments before they crashed through the gate, this was V3N-G3R and his most trusted men aboard the Party Van. The driver Bill and the gunner Ted, alongside with the renegade Vaultdweller Smithy with Banger – a two-gun-mercenary from the wastes having just jumped clear of the moving car to charge headlong into a gunfight frenzy!

Posted Image
The super mutant Bolo, fearless warrior of the wasteland and second in command in V3N-G3R’s party, along with his concubines and a nomad known only as the Wanderer.

Posted Image
Moments before the air-raid siren went off, Dora Fuzebox and Big Sven had been discussing the terms regarding an artefact that they had in their city with Circuit Box looking out for trouble.

Posted Image
“All along the watchtower…”

Posted Image
Brandy and Shifty having a heated argument before the air-raid siren going off.

The pictures lack the final moments of the game, so I guess that it got rather intense at that point or people just had too much going on to stop and take pictures.

Posted Image
Another picture of Brandy and Shifty near one of the wonderful buildings made by Thorbjørn.

Posted Image
The whole Vengeance Crew with a bit better lighting and a complete overview of all their combatants.

Posted Image
Mere moments after the Vengenace Crew crashed the gate, Ted misjudged his approach and promptly ran over V3N-G3R who got seriously wounded and finished off by a shot to the head from Dora Fuzebox. Their fatal collision with V3N-G3R not only left them seriously bruised but had the Party Van go out of control and smash right into one of the buildings.

Posted Image
A scene from the sourrounding forest as Crash had just been run over by Brandy’s stationcar, while the rest of Bolo’s posse charged the building on the far right.

Posted Image
And this is then when we called the game off (time restraints). We deemed that the Militia had succesfully held off V3N-G3R and his men, and his twin plasma carbines are currently being reworked by Dora who has stayed behind to figure out these pre-war artefacts.

That’s basically how the game went really; the savages stormed up on three flanks – but the Party Van was way too fast, and poor judgement on my part ended with having V3N-G3R being run over by his own force. Cars are deadly, even if you are a crazed cyborg.

The rules worked out okay; just a few kinks that need adjustment here and there. Once finished I’ll spruce it up as a .pdf-for-sale kinda thing over on lulu.com.



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