The Adventures of Kentucky Jones: The Jade Statue

Kentucky Jones and his trusty sidekick Rick arrives at the Gestapo headquarters to rescue dr. Mary Woppler, an expert on ancient african history, who is being held in house arrest against her will.


The guard at the gate is neutralized after a quick brawl and stripped and stuffed in the backseat of the car. Jones finds that the guards clothes are a perfect size match to his own, so he puts them on.


Jones tries sneaking up on the other guard


The 2nd guard Klaus, is not alarmed by the appearance of Jones in german uniform and mistakenly thinks it is his friend Fritz. Jones tries to club Klaus in the back of the head with his gun, but fails miserably.
We got so caught up in the game that we forgot photographing from the points Jones started fighting the 2nd. guard. Mary’s guard was immediatly alarmed by the sounds for the courtyard and came to see. Mary successfully escaped downstairs and trying finding a key for one of the parked cars (not knowing that Jones had brought an auto).
Rick, Jones and Mary managed to subdue to guards only to face Oberst von Straaf who arrived in the nick of time in classic evil main character fashion. The group managed to get past him and escape in to the streets in their car.
The three ran through most of germany but near the french border a hot pursuit sat in! Four agents of the Gestapo raced up on dr. Jones and his companions trying to drive them off the road.


After a few miles Kentucky & Co. manages to wipe the gestapo off the road


After the tumultous flight from France, Kentucky and Woppler turn their attention to Kongo where the Jade Statue is situated. Their plan is to attempt to get the statue before the nazis.
But alas! When they finally arrive at the spot that Woppler thinks hides the statue the nazis are already swarming the place with local allies! A daring action scene occurs!


The “Ace of Kongo” as their van is called comes to the halt on the bank of a small river and Jones, Rick, Woppler and native helpers jump out. The german allies soon start firing their primitive rifles at the party.
Heavy casualties are taken on both sides an the duel seems to be of epic proportions. Rated 16!



Jones fight his way through the thick jungle



Rick attempts to decoy the nazis to let Jones slip past.

Finally Jones manages to get to the nazi overfiedn Oberst Straaf only to find… dam dam daaa.. that dr. Woppler has changed sides and are now helping the germans! They obviously want Jones to go ahead and get the statue for them as it can only be obtained by a man who doesn’t want to use it.
A fierce battle ensues and by the power of his whip, his wits and guts dr. Jones finally defeats the germans and dr. Wopplers cries for mercy and is forgiven… weedy!
After the game ended the players rolled to see how much of a blockbuster it became (this was my own addition to the .45 rules). They’d made two or three epic scenes with great stuff and a couple of spoofs so overall they ended up with a +4 modifier to the dice roll. Jens rolled a 2 (don’t remember clearly)… so that’s a DVD-only release with almost no chance of an audience! Right said!


  1. Great stories were told, fun was had and it was like a movie being made.The idea of terrain being props and movie-sets was awesome, and the car-chase scene was very good indeed.It made for a narrative of high quality that we played 3 small scenes insted of one big battle with a long prelude.Great stuff.



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