Miniatures painter and gamer from the shores of Denmark

Dr. The Viking

My journey with miniatures and gaming started in the early 90s with Metal Magic figures used for Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing. It soon caught on and with the advent of the fantasy fourth edition boxed set from Games Workshop, I went all overboard.

Since then I have branched into just about every scale and game system available to me. I am not too picky with the rules and often find I enjoy playing the game rather than the rules. So in essence the role play element is still very present in my gaming.

Paintinwise I enjoy it all. I can speed paint an army and be happy, or I can sit around for days trying to convert and paint a single figure. It all takes.

This home page serves to promote my work within this niche hobby. To share the love and passion.

c0wabunga.com should do three things:

  • it should let me share my work with you and get your feedback
  • it should allow me and outlet for various publications relating to the games I love
  • it should form the frame around painting and gaming events I arrange

May you axe never rust,

Dr. The Viking


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